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Total Life Recovery Stories


Lillian's Story

Serving 20 years

My name is Lillian and I've been incarcerated so far for 6 years. I'm originally from the Fiji islands. I'm a single parent with three children ages 22, 14 and 12. My dad is East Indian and my mother is Fijian, so their two cultures clashed and I was looked upon as an outcast on both sides of the family. We moved here in 1976 and both my parents became alcoholics. There was a lot of abuse in the home, domestic violence - we were surrounded with that. When I was 17, they divorced and I was left to fend for myself… Learn More


Kim's Story

Serving 30 years

My older sister and I were physically abused by our dad. Most of the time, I had no idea why I was getting beaten. I don't even remember ever having a normal conversation with my dad or even asking him questions because I was too scared. It was like we weren't allowed to have any other emotion but fear. I wouldn't dare show any weakness or my dad would beat it out of me. The most traumatizing thing I ever witnessed was watching my mom get beat down countless times. We'd run away a lot, sleep in the car, at strange places or… Learn More


Kimmy's Story

Serving 20 years

My name is Kimmy and I grew up in an abusive home. After my parents divorced, my mom started dating other men. When I was 8, one of my mom's boyfriends raped me. When I told my mom what happened, she said, "Kimmy, do you know the story about The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" and I just started to cry because she was supposed to believe me and not them. From that day on, I was really angry with her. I was so angry and that's when my whole life turned. I hated my mom, I was angry. But I know now that she did that because she was… Learn More

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She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants. She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. Proverbs 31
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