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Total Life Recovery is a gender specific program relating to the unique issues facing incarcerated women and is formatted to move a woman along at her own pace of recovery. The program operates with trained, faithful volunteers form many denominational walks, educational backgrounds and ethic groups.

Our modality of treatment is different, as each woman deals with the trauma, abuse, guilt and shame with a one-on–one counselor, not in-group sessions. We are also unique in that we treat the person before the compulsion or addiction –we get to the cause that brings women to prison: their trauma. We are unique in that we can take offenders who may have never touched a drug, but their other compulsions are just as destructive and they need the Genesis and the healing of their traumas.

Studies proved that clients will not disclose everything in a group setting, but will disclose everything to a trusted counselor. The Genesis Process was chosen as our core treatment because research and studies had demonstrated its success nationally on the mainland. The Santa Barbara Salvation Army in house intensive treatment program uses the Genesis Process as their treatment modality. It is used throughout the country and internationally in various treatment venues with demonstrated success.

TLR is a 4-phase program that runs 5 days a week, from morning to evening and covers training in every area of life, preparing the women for successful reentry into society. These classes are in co-dependency, finances, time management, sexual abuse, domestic violence, parenting, social skills, PTSD classes, consumerism, family relationships, boundaries and career planning, learning to grow hydroponics, genetics, astronomy and effective communication.

TLR address all eight criminogenic risks factors. Each woman is required to pursue higher education, take part in group participation, individual counseling and personal study. There are ten processes covering the client’s false beliefs, unhealthy attachments, life management skills to include reality thinking, anger and conflict resolution, recognizing relapse signals and reducing stress. This program takes a minimum of one year to complete with the guidance of a trained Genesis Process counselor.

The goal is for the women to work to stay out of prison – not work to get out of prison. TLR is committed to producing a positive emphasis towards faith in an environment that encourages trust, community involvement and healthy relationships.


TLR provides support and education in understanding feelings, controlling emotions and expressing self. These classes in personal counseling, anger management and conflict resolution help participants examine what they’ve internalized, addresses the challenges life will bring and helps assess thinking, goals and determination to continue on the road of recovery.


Always at the forefront is the teaching of new thinking and behavior patterns with the tools and processes to change criminal thinking and behaviors along with effective communication through role-playing and community interaction. Participants of TLR also receive cognitive instruction, classes on PTSD and sexual abuse and domestic violence. This also includes classes on every classification of drugs, their effects on the brain, body and behavior.


Staying physically fit is just as important as maintaining mental and spiritual health. TLR offers classes in breathing techniques, exercise, dance and nutrition. Participants learn about the benefits of leading an active lifestyle and are encouraged to maintain physical activity on a regular basis.


Our educational classes provide a mix of career planning, arts, biology, science and agriculture with in-depth lectures and hands-on experiences. Our hydroponics course teaches participants how to build and maintain four hydroponic systems with nearly 300 grow sites each.


TLR’s multi faith-based approach incorporates comprehensive courses, group study, guides and personal devotion time to help strengthen participants’ individual and spiritual connections with the belief of their choice.


Targeted courses in family reunification, parenting and identifying co-dependency equip participants with the tools they need strengthen their relationships, outline responsibilities and roles and learn to become independent while incarcerated.

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She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants. She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. Proverbs 31
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